Icelandic trip, street art trip ?

By boolbee • Balade, Photo, Street art, Street art map • 15 Oct 2013

This was one of my dream trips, where mountains kiss the ocean, where lava is around us, where glaciers are thrown up into the sea, where water is in all its states and coming out of nowhere, Iceland!

Iceland is a country more known for its landscape, and that was my first and principal point why I chose this travel. But, as you might know now, I was still looking for some street art somewhere, nowhere, I didn’t know what, but something, a tag, a graffiti, a stencil…

And you know what? As we landed near Reykjavík, just a couple of hours later, I had plenty of pictures as we were in the center of the capital. I had my answer, graffiti is well present there, mostly in a skatepark. Had done my search I found some other pieces, not actually graff, well, this city smells street art as much as other towns.

We found some interesting works, using little mirrors mounted on an articulation, reflecting the sky as the wind moved them, by Theresa Himmer. Also, the work of Sara Riel is really pleasant to watch, colorful and precise.

As we were going inside the country, leaving the big city, I turned myself into a landscape lover, and there, in the middle of nowhere, next to the highway, a stencil appeared, a very clever one, as it represent a lost fisherman who wanted to reach the city doing hitchhiking. This is the work of Pøbel, a norwegian street artist, seeing his website he loves lost places. And we found another work on the west, still lost.

In another unexpected place, Seydisfjordur and Stöðvarfjörður, we found a spot full of graffiti, from RWS crew, for the Lunga Art Festival, orginally based in Reykjavik. RWS show us lots of colorfull and imaginative graffiti, right in middle of nowhere but also in the skatepark referenced above.

Of course Iceland is mainly attractive for the landscape, but you might be astonished by the graffiti / street art scene !

Please, go to our street art map to watch all our pictures from this beautiful country !

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