Graffiti in Munich [Video Edit]

By boolbee • Balade, Street art, Street art map • 1 May 2013

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Munich for work. I took advantage of the week-end to explore the city for street art and graffiti.

As I did not had the time to search where the graffiti scene takes place in Munich, I asked a friend who lives there for information and this was very helpful, thus, thanks to him, I walked to Tumblingerstrasse in a first move.

Tumblingerstrasse is a place (or a road) where graffiti is legal, so when I reach my destination there were some artists in action. This spot is really active as graffiti seems to change every weeks (I suppose). I was lucky to talk to some of them, very open minded and it was really nice to have conversations about their work. One of them told me about graffiti, as I asked if I could take some pictures : “It’s graffiti, It’s Free !”. And this place (not the side of the road) was really a nice place where 30 young peoples was playing football, some of them making rap music, and taking good time outside, in a place surrounded by graffiti, made by them obviously. Thanks to them, they guided me to another big place (like ten times bigger as they said me), KultFabrik.

And they were not lying! KultFabrik was like twenty or thirty times bigger than Tumblingerstrasse. This area is like the undergound city of Munich, with two lifes, the day it welcomes climbers (as there is the biggest artificial wall in Europe) and kids with KultiKids; the night it welcomes clubbers with like 30 night bars, etc… And it is an open street art / graffiti museum, where 80% of accessible walls are painted by some talentuous artists. Unfortunately, I identified just some artists, as I don’t really know the german scene, I only recognised the work of Os Gemos (several beautiful pieces), Nunca and SatOne.

Street art in Munich city is not as expanded as in Paris, actually I only saw a “Where’s Wally?” stuck, and that’s all. I also went to Augsburg, there were just some graffitis under a bridge.

So, I saw a lot of Graffiti this week-end, some of them were really astonishing, I was glad to talk to some of german artists while they were writting. Also, thank you to my friends who welcomed me!

To see all of the pictures I took, take a jump to :

[EDIT] : Here is a little stop motion video that will show you Tumblingerstrasse in miniature !

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2 Responses

  1. Jo

    Hey man!your photo of the munich urban scene are sick! I’m going over there in a few weeks and was hoping to get some photos done aswell, with some crew in action. I’m currently studying photography so it be a great experiance. Was wondering if you got any tips or advice where I could go?

    Kindest Regards,

    • boolbee

      Hello Jo !
      Thanks for the compliment.
      As I said in my post, and hoping writers are still there, there is two principal spots in Munich, as I went there for only one week-end maybe there is more spots.
      Those spots are quite big and living: Tumblingerstrasse and Kultfabrik.
      Hope you will find some writers here, they are really open to talk (but don’t take picture of their faces of course !), also don’t hesitate to ask them where you could find more spots.
      I have edited the post, so you will see Tumblingerstrasse (the part that is on the street but do not hesitate to go to the other side of this wall, where writers are !)
      Good evening !

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