Chilled Out co.

Creation under all its form.

About Chilled Out co.

Chilled Out is a collective of friends gathered around our common interest for new ways of creation.

We aim to develop projects to share our passion and discoveries.

Street Art Map

We began to take pictures of street art piece in 2011. After a couple of months we created a picasa map to share between us the location of artworks. Our collection was growing fast so we decided to develop a website to share those picture and let people discover street art around the world. After few months of development, we opened our map early january 2012. Since then we continue to walk through cities, worldwide, to shot and share street art pieces that we find and enjoy!

Visit the map

Eh!CO: our podcast serie

We started our podcast chanel to share our visits, discoveries and meeting !

Eh!CO playlist


EXECO is a one minute music video exercise.
One of us create a minute long piece of music. Then the other one edit the video over it. The result below!


We write articles to share with you the different expo or event we go to, and some of our discoveries. Take a minute, have a look, and let yourself take a lip of creation!

Our blog

Contact us

Feel free to contact us to have a talk about your project or our project, to provide us some feedback on our templates, give us feedback, or just to say hello!